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Plane mask all-in-one machine

Plane mask all-in-one machine


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Equipment function
1. One drag one plane mask machine by a material coil feeding machine;A flat mask slicing machine;A connecting machine and a lug welding unit;The mask can be formed automatically;Automatically add bridge of nose belt;Lug welding and automatic counting function;The product is easy to use;Stable and reliable;It has good universality.Compatibility;Good value for money.
2. Scope of application
It is suitable for the mask with outer ear and flat surface under 4 layers (without sealing edge);Size of mask: 17.5cmx9.5cm 9(adult)

Functional features
High precision servo motor is adopted for thematic transport.
Speed;Operational balance;High precision
The horizontal Angle of the feeding mechanism can be adjusted High universality of the whole mechanism;In the product quickly

The whole equipment adopts high steel structure.Improve the overall stability of the equipment.
Action process
1.Manual operation;Load the PP anti-stick non-woven fabric and the nose line material into the material rack;Manual lead is required;The non-woven fabric and nose line are introduced into the transmission mechanism respectively.

2.The non-woven fabric and nose line are driven forward by the transmission mechanism.Simultaneously folding in transit;Pressure;Cut out;Shunt to lug welder position to weld.
Installation parameters
Outside size Machine length:4313mm
Machine width: 3349mm
Machine high : 1985mm
Total weight 1000kgs
Programer form Floor
Operating height of equipment 850mm
Power Supply Voltage AC220/50HZ/6000W
Working air pressure and power connector 0.5-0.7mpa 12mm connerctor
Gas consumption 250L/MIN
Equipment Safety Facilities
Safety self check function of equipment - Fault code prompt; Easy maintenance
Fault prompt buzzer
Three-color indicator Working condition indication
Leakage protection function emergency stop switch

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