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Automatic high speed mask machine

Automatic high speed mask machine


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he machine model:WCH-PM800
Machine Feature
1.Fully automatic equipment: this machine adopts Japanese PLC control system and japanese Servo motor, each part is very accurate, directly affects the efficiency of production products, at this point, simplified a lot of complicated operations, a key to start production, production efficiency can be adjusted according to the speed.
2. Simple operation, using frequency control, make the speed control intuitive, the action process by PLC control, automation.
3. High-speed production, daily production of more than 500,000 pcs (24h production).
4. Ultrasonic has overload protection function, which greatly reduces the product rejection rate.
5. The use of gear, sprocket constant ratio transmission, rotation ratio coordination, stability.With optical eye detection.
Characteristic;The raw material
1.The machine from raw materials to finished products without a person;
Automatic high speed machine
2. Adapted raw materials;Non-woven fabric;Paint cloth and anti-stick cloth.
3. Mask size:175x95mm Bridge of the nose band width 3mm
Ear belt width: 18.5mm
4.Materal size : Width of water-repellent non-woven cloth;
Width of interlayer flannelette, width of inner layer non-woven;
5.Machine size :6.8mx 1.6mx2.3m
6.Weight of Machine: 3200kgs

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