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Intro of Plastic Side/Center Release Buckle

Intro of Plastic Side/Center Release Buckle

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[Single Adjust Side Release Buckle]
One side adjustable(normally male part), the most common type that you can easily find in your daily life, it's workable if you would like to use them with sliplock buckle or tension lock, it depends on your need if you need it dual adjustable. Such kind of buckles are commonly used to make pet collar, life jacket, or outdoor equipments.

[Non Adjust Side Release Buckle]
The buckles themselves can not be used to adjust the tightness or length of webbing or your shoulder strap, but don't worry, they work perfectly with slide buckle or ladder lock buckle.

[Dual Adjust Side Release Buckle]
The buckle can be used to adjust the length of webbing from both sides, so they are quite useful and convenient, if you'd like to keep extra length of webbing or strap, then our strap keeper would be an excellent tool for you!

[Multi Side Release Buckle]
Available in three-way and five-way, they are normally be used on baby dining chair, baby stroller, or car seat, best secure safety of your baby.

[Center Push Quick Release Buckle]
The buckles have lighter weight compare to side release buckle, but they are surely strong enough for general applications. Used as cap buckle, bike helmet buckle or backpack buckle.

[Lockable Side Release Buckle]
Provide extra lockable system to ensure your security, they are locked in different ways and available in multi size.

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