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1.It can be soluble in water or ethanol.
2.It has good compatibility with the cationic surfactant and nonionic surfactant, but cannot be compatibility with the anionic surfactant.
3.It is stable below centigrade.
4.Good chemical stability; good resistance to heat, light, pressure; strong acid and alkali resistant
5.Excellent thickening, emulsifying, and disinfecting performance.
1.Used as thickening agents in fabric softener, antistatic agent of synthetic fibers or daily chemicals.
2.Used not only for detergent industry, such as shampoo, bubble baths, sensitive skin preparations, child detergent or laundry detergent, but also for the softener/antistatic agent of fiber/fabric.
3.Used in shampoo and hair care formulations, as a softener of hair conditioner, hairdressing gel, shampoo and other hair care products.
4.Used for asphalt emulsifier, waterproof coating emulsifier, silicone oil emulsifier.
5.Used for modified organo-bentonite; protein flocculation in the biopharmaceutical industry and water treatment flocculation; the softening process of fiberglass; anti-burning agents of nylon parachute; oil paint cosmetics additive; soft softener.