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Food and fruit smart vending machine

Food and fruit smart vending machine

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1)Standard with 23.8-inch capacitive touch screen, cabinet main control door can support optional 43 inch touch screen structure, cabinet group can also choose to add 55 inch advertising screen, main control screen and advertising screen can support static or dynamic playback of various formats of video and pictures.

2)It supports the purchase of multiple products in a single shipment. The maximum time for a single shipment is about 20 seconds, which is more than three times more efficient than the traditional vending machine purchase method. Besides, the humanized design of the picking mouth makes it easy to take the goods without bending down.

3)The height and width of shelf and goods way can be adjusted flexibly and combined freely. Ikea-style assembly can perfectly adapt to different sizes and categories of goods, and the variety of goods is higher.

4)Lock management is more secure, intelligent and efficient. It supports scanning code to open the door, password to open the door, mobile APP to open the door, remote to open the door and traditional key to open the door.

5)The delivery port has a variety of anti-clip design, the delivery process is safer and more anti-theft, higher reliability than the traditional delivery design.

6)Large glass cabinet and window cabinet door design, display visual feeling more intuitive, strong.

7) Full shelf display LED lighting design, uniform lighting in the cabinet, better equipment use effect at night.

8)The cabinet is made of all-metal structure, which is durable and easy to be placed and maintained. It can be installed indoors or outdoors.

9) Support powerful cloud service management platform, anytime and anywhere through the network terminal inquiry, control equipment orders, background and other content.

10) Automatic scanning and synchronous background of equipment aisle display update, one-click push of commodity information background, more efficient and intelligent operation management of equipment.

11) The refrigeration temperature control can be set flexibly, supporting application and remote setting changes.