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sweet potato product

sweet potato product


Uploaded on 2 years ago
I would like to recommend to you the product Soursop fruit /GRAVIOLA FRUIT with diverse genres as described below:
- Fresh Sweet Potato.
Packing: 10KG/CARTON x 24 METRIC TON/CONT 40''
- Frozen Sweet Potato
Packing: 1kg/vacuum bag/10kg/carton x 12mt /cont 20''
- Frozen Sweet Potato sliced.
Packing: 0.5-1kg/PE/rider x 10kg/CTN
- Frozen Sweet Potato cube
Packing: 2kg/pe x 10kg/ carton
- Frozen Sweet Potato sliced.
- Frozen Sweet Potato Cut the block
- Frozen fried Sweet Potatoes.
Packing: 2.5 kgs/ PA bags and carton box or buyer's request.
- Frozen Sweet Potato stick cut
Packing: 2 kgs/ PA bags and carton box or buyer's request.
- Fresh Purple Sweet Potato.
Packing: 10KG/CARTON *24 METRIC TON/CONT 40''
- Purple Sweet Potato powder
Packing: as Buyer requires
- Dried Sweet Potato.
Packing: as Buyer requires

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