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Korean owned, Korean Factory Produced Brand

Aichi Scissor's, owned by scissor factory "Dain-tech", has been crafting professional cutting shears since 2005.

Many scissors companies claim that their product is, "Made in Japan", or "Japanese scissors", or one of many other fancy classifications. The truth is, in fact most of them are not made in Japan, they are usually produced in other countries and just marked "Made in Japan"
We, on the other hand, do not claim our scissors are made in Japan.
All of our scissors are crafted in our factory, right here in South Korea. Our stringent craftsmanship standards are set to produce unmatched quality in the field of cutting instruments. All of our engineers have either A: completed rigorous training from masters of the trade with production-line experience in Japanese cutting shears companies or B: have been employed in Japan at a cutting shear workshop.
After harnessing the know-how and skill to produce top-notch shears, we were able to combine Korean meticulous assembly procedures + workplace diligence with Japanese-born steel and very proudly print "Made in Korea" on to every single one of our products. In the end, we have accomplished the "holy grail" of making a great product even better with years of R&D and improvements to motion and feel in the hand while using the cutting shear.
We can't wait for you to experience the "Made in Korea" advantage.

As we have been exporting to top-tier professionals with specific demands, we know and identify the importance of tailor fitting artists with the tools they require. As our consumer base grows, our ability to meet the needs of a diverse audience grows as well.
We know we produce a superior product and this is thanks to the feedback we have received over the years. This feedback is not only a call for a better product, but also a tool for development within our company.
We have listened to professionals around the world, and we have delivered the product you have asked for. As we truly believe there is no end-point to improvement, we ask that our clients continue to provide feedback and allow us to continue to provide a product second-to-none.
Every time you use a pair of Aichi shears, you will feel as though they have been customized, exactly to fit your needs. We like to refer to this phenomenon as "collective customization".
Finally, we invite customization requests both cosmetically and functionally. We vow to meet your professional demands!

-Aichi CEO-
Jaki Lee