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L701 Hidden Digital Voice Recorder

L701 Hidden Digital Voice Recorder

Dongguan Kinghal Electronic Technology Co., Ltd


Uploaded on 2 months ago

1. ABS material, magnetic; built in 8GB memory; battery capacity: 3000mAh;
2. Dimensions:70*27*20mm Weight: 66g
3. Built in Polymer Lithium battery
4. Recording format: WAV
5. Record bit rates: 192Kbps
6. Sampling rate: 48KHZ
7. Battery recording time: it can record about 500 hours on a single charge; 365 days standby; 8GB Memory Recording time: 96hours
8. Support voice activated recording, One key recording
9. Support MP3 music playing (MP3/WAV/WMA) and fast forward and backward playback.
10. Charging time: About 1 hour 11. With a timestamp, the name of the recording file is named after the time.