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V82 Digital Pen Recorder

V82 Digital Pen Recorder

Dongguan Kinghal Electronic Technology Co., Ltd


Uploaded on 2 months ago

All-directional microphone recording using professional recording DSP chip, built-in digital noise reduction technology;

Ø Exquisite deigned pen. Design with dual functions (Recording/Writing)

Ø Single key to start recording and save. Quick and convenient.

Ø All-metal using stainless steel, CNC machining, paint process design, Sensational feeling, durable;

Ø Recording time setting function (time stamp), suitable for learning and recording, and supports MP3 music playback;

Ø Independent VOR voice-activated recording, toggle switch to saves power and memory space effectively.

Ø VOR voice recording files and ordinary recording files classification storage function to facilitate later search;

Ø USB charging / headset combo interface design, automatic recognition of the headphone jack;

Ø Hidden indicator function, independent color indication on play / record/ open sound control;

Ø Recording files can be deleted on this unit;

Ø Lossless WAV recording format, high quality PCM recording up to (192Kbps)

Intelligent power detection, automatically save the recording file before the power is depleted;