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solid waste disposal garbage management

solid waste disposal garbage management

Jinan Quanyue Computer Numerical Control Co., Ltd.


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The latest sanitation garbage converter created by Quanyue Environmental Protection Technology can also be called garbage processor and garbage converter.
A new achievement in smart city life. - Dispose of garbage in places where garbage is generated.
The garbage converter converts various kinds of garbage and produces high-burning particulate matter without foul odor and pollution, which is a weapon for maintaining environmental sanitation.

Quanyue Environmental Waste Converter adopts the latest technology to sterilize non-metallic solid waste such as plastic shell, industrial waste, medical needle tube, slaughter waste, kitchen waste, etc. And the garbage volume is reduced by 70% and the weight is reduced by 30%. In warships, ocean-going vessels, troop camps, hospitals, high-speed service areas, railway stations, garbage collection points, canteens, colleges and universities, community garbage stations are very popular. It effectively improves the pre-treatment conditions of landfills and incineration plants, and reduces the discharge of pollutants such as leachate, biogas and flue gas.