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Deimalax Demalex hyaluronic acid

Deimalax Demalex hyaluronic acid

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South Korea Deimalax Demalex hyaluronic acid
Dema large, medium and small, molecules (including three large molecules loaded, medium and small molecules are one pack)
Known as South Korea's first hyaluronic acid known as the old brand, with the approval of South Korea's regular products. De Ma Lai Si in many well-known plastic surgery hospital in Korea hyaluronic acid. Recently in the country by many hospitals and payers of all ages, the effect comparable to Qiaodeng, but the price is more friendly than Joe Arden.

South Korea's Marais Dermalax hyaluronic acid Model:
Small molecules Dermalx Plus 1.1ML * 1 (mainly used for shallow wrinkles and around the corner of the eye)

Mesoamerican Dermalax Deep Plus 1.1ML * 1 (for deeper wrinkles, nasolabial folds, etc.)

Macromolecule Dermalax Implant Plus 1.1ML * 2 (for deep wrinkles and forehead, nose, chin, etc.)