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Wenzhou Zhongyuan Hardware Co.,Ltd

Wenzhou Zhongyuan Hardware Co.,Ltd

wenzhou zhongyuan hardware co.,ltd


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Wenzhou Zhongyuan Hardware Co.,Ltd was found in 2006 in Zhejiang Province.
Based on its talent design team, the highly-efficient productivity, as well as advanced machinery equipment,
in the past decade, it soon became the Most Popular Manufacturer, mainly supplies wall mounted displays, floor displays, counter displays,
cabinet displays, suitcase, trays/boxes, and other acrylic products.

Facing the intense competition of the market, we will work together with our clients,as always we do,make great efforts in increasing the technology content
and improving the quality of our products to meet the requirement of both domestic and foreign market.
We shall spare no efforts to improve our products and our company on a higher stand, aiming to be the leader of both manufacturing and designing in eyewear displays.

It is in the spirit of "Novelty, high quality and high reputation",
which we serve our clients wholeheartedly with various kinds of
our newest eyewear display production.