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VIitaDerm 60 (Amino Acid, Hydro Injection)

VIitaDerm 60 (Amino Acid, Hydro Injection)



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About VitaDerm60...

VitaDerm60 is a bio-revitalizing booster with hyaluronic acid and 59 active ingredients.

It restores the skin regeneration cycle by regenerating dermal layer fibroblasts and epidermal layer keratinocytes.
Vitaderm60 helps you finally achieve glowing, elastic skin.

Amino acids, peptides, Growth factors and vitamins provide sufficient nutrients for fibroblast activation. Furthermore, depleted minerals, such as Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium and Calcium would be replaced. Finally, pure hyaluronic acid will bring about instant results in your skin tone-up and moisture balances.

This powerful skin booster stimulates collagen and elastin production.

60 ingredients of VitaDerm60

- 24 Amino acids
the building blocks of all proteins. Amino acids allow skin to maintain its structure and systems of self-repair.
- 12 Vitamins
Regulates epidermal metabolism and improves skin elasticity.
- 6 IntoCell Growth factors
Growth factors with enhanced cell-penetrating system.
- 6 Coenzyme
Essencial during the production of collagen and elastin.
Collagen firms up skin and elastin gives your skin flexibility.
- 1-Coenzyme : Important substance in peptide and protein synthesis
- Hyaluronic acid 0.35%
Actives fibroblasts and produces new collagen, elastin.
- 2 Anti-oxidants
Neutralizes cell damaging agents and assists cell reconstitution.
- 3 Nucleic acids
Carries genetic information in a cell and is vital in peptide and protein synthesis.

VitaDerm60 with " Into-cell technology

"What is special about VitaDerm60?"

VitaDerm60 is made of 60 ingredients for fibroblast activation. It also includes 6 Into-cell growth factors.

"What is Into-cell growth factors?"

Small peptides bind with normal growth factors to produce Into-cell growth factor. The resulting hybrid is 10 times more permeable than normal growth factors.