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ceramic conveyor belt,tile proof conveyor line.

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Pulisen Polyurethane Products Co. Ltd. As a professional PU transmission belt manufacturer, our workshop is located in Liyang,Changzhou City. The Company has a full set of Polyurethane Extrusion and Casting Production Line & deep processing equipment, Large stock warehouse, We can be accept OEM service as according to customer's special requirement, The delivery time of custom products is about 7-15 days.

Pulisen has own holding trading company, which has the office in HongKong, In order to expansion and operated our oversea market.

Our business scope includes TPU and CPU products as below:
TPU Extrusion:
1. Polyurethane Round belt
2. Polyurethane V-belts
3. PU Super Grip belt
4. PU Extrusion V-Guide
5. Reinforced Polyurethane belt
6. PU O-ring
7. Welding kits
8. PU timing belt
9. PVC Conveyor belt

CPU Casting:
1. PU Squeegee (Polyurethane solvent resistant squeegee, scraper, blade, conveyor belt cleaner)
2. PU Roller & PU Wheels, (Covering and recasting) &( tire tread and recasting)
3. PU Parts & Components (PU sheet,bar, rod, board, wear resistant liner plate, block, pad, wear strip, Polyurethane gasket, gear, washer, bushing, sleeve, coupling, etc)

Closely woven with our quality assurance plan is our commitment to customer satisfaction !