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heat seai connector

heat seai connector

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1. Brief Introduction
Heat Seal Connector is a new conduction material, which can be bent at will. Its stable performance and easy-to-use features make it the best solution to connect PCBs and LCDs. Also, for its unique conductivity and flexibility, it is widely used on computers, radio-recorders, telephone sets, rereaders, CD players, digital cameras, instrument meters, electronic clocks, etc.
2. Electric Conduction Theory
By using high temperature resistant PET film as basic material, carbon paste, silver or silver and carbon paste mixture as electric conduction circuits, custom print the model numbers, and then overlay one film of special conductive glue with spread-out conductive particles. At last, heat seal it on the PCB or LCD's electrodes.

3. Technical Data
Conductor Resistance < 500 Ω/CM²
Adhesive Strength > 600g/ CM²
Temperature Endurance: -40ºC+80ºC
Temp.and Humidity Test: Place in H. 95%, Temp. 50ºC environment for 500 hrs without any change.
Heat Impact: -40ºC +70ºC, circle for 10 times, without any change