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SWITCH Latest technology capacitive touch switch

SWITCH  Latest technology capacitive touch switch

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Uploaded on 11 months ago

Capacitive user interface designers want backlight keys to have a modern look, but they have to create complex designs when using opaque traditional circuits. PEDOT sensors are translucent circuits that allow light to pass through them. The result is that the capacitive key can be backlit through the circuit.
The customer wants to use the backlit capacitive key on the surface, but the ITO is too brittle and inflexible to fit the curve. PEDOT is a flexible translucent conductive sensor. When applied to polyester substrate, it can be applied to three-dimensional surface for more refined design.
OEMs want to design backlit capacitive keys, but space is limited, limiting the allowed thickness of the keyboard. The backlight method that used to use opaque circuits (PCB, polyimide or polyester) was too thick. PEDOT sensor supports backlight technology, which can save space compared with other technologies.
Touch based technology built around ITO is expensive and requires the use of expensive optical transparent adhesive (OCA). Peodt sensors are more cost-effective to manufacture and can be used with standard pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA)