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2018 is the 20th anniversary of the anniversary of Astana city.AUS RAINBOW would like to offer our congratulations once again for creating a large square music fountain in Astana.This project is located in a newly built square called Botanikalyq Saiabaq. The whole fountain project uses multiple running fountain, waterfall, cold fog and other designs. The diameter of the outer ring is up to 80 meters.The inner circle is about 8 meters in diameter of the artificial pool, in the middle stands a 7 meters high golden bottle, it seems to be imposed magic, the water is more and more clouds, seven small ice tower like night elves in the cloud wreathed in joy dancing.
The music fountain in Botanikalyq Saiabaq square, a new addition to the 20th anniversary celebration, is undoubtedly a good place for local people to relax and have fun at night.