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360-Degree Rotating Single Needle Sewing Machine

360-Degree Rotating Single Needle Sewing Machine



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pillowcase, baby quilt, microwave oven gloves, cushion cover and other small size textiles.

Production Introduction
1)15-inch high-definition industrial plate with easily operation;
2)The head can be 360-degree rotation ensures no difference between positive and negative stitch;
3)The vertically lifting machine head makes it easy to change the frame and facilitate stepping sewing;
4)Through U disk insert port input pattern,the stitch file capacity is large Maximum stitch storage: 268 million;
5)Imported servo motor drive, high precision linear guideway transmission, to ensure a high precision pattern, ensure high quality sewing result;
6)Independently driven rotating head, completely imitating manual sewing stitch, with higher finished product quality;
7)The unique platform support structure is adopted to ensure the smoothness and accuracy of the product under high-speed operation;
8)Richpeace template CAD design software, easy to learn, arbitrary pattern design, to meet the needs of customers' personalized customization;
9)Pneumatic pressure frame, automatic trimmer, face line broken detection, bottom line counting function;
10)Needle rod and spindle with DLC diamond-like coating, wear resistant, high speed and can work normally without or with little oil;
11)The automatic feeding structure with left and right sides, improve work efficiency, reduce personnel costs;
12)SMC atomized lubrication, main transmission parts can be lubricated automatically;
13)Richpeace sewing electronic control system, ARM kernel +LINUX system;
14)Germany IGUS chain, original imported hook.