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6 Antenna Jammer 135W 3G 4G WIFI up to 150m

6 Antenna Jammer 135W 3G 4G WIFI up to 150m



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CT-3060N Powerful 135W 6 Antennas 3G 4G WIFI Jammer up to 150m

Portable desktop 6 Antennas most powerful signal Jammer with 20-30W per band, in total 135W. Jamm all types of Mobile Cell, 3G, 4G Android, Tablets, Smart, iPhones phones and WIFI 2.4Ghz

1 Ver CT-3060N Eur Europe type:
1 GSM900 920-965MHz 25W
2 2G DCS PCS 1800-1890MHz 20W
3 3G UMTS WCDMA 2100-2170MHz 30W
4 4G LTE WiMax2 Europe 2620-2690 20W
5 4G Low 790-870MHz 20W
6 WIFI 11b/g/n 2400-2500 MHz 20W

2 Ver CT-3060N A America type:
1 4G LTE iPhone (AT&T & Verizon) 700-800MHz 20W
2 GSM850 CDMA800 CDMA 850-895MHz 25W
3 DCS, GSM1800, PCS 1800-1990MHz 20W
4 3G, UMTS, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, CDMA2000 2100-2170MHz 30W
5 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth 2400-2500MHz 20W
6 4G Wimax (USA Sprint) 2500-2700MHz 20W

Per request all 6 frequency bands we can mix very flexible. Option: GPS L1 40W , L2 L3 L4 L5: 15W,
VHF 130-180MHz: 20W, 300-400MHz: 20W, UHF 420-480MHz: 20W, RC 433 20W, RC 868Mhz 25W, 4G 2620-2690MHz: 20W, LoJack 173MHz: 30W, 4G LTE USA iPhone 700-800MHz: 15W. Any combinations and customizations are possible, just send us your inquiry and we will give you our best recommendation.

Jamming Range: Radius 50~150 meters
The jamming distance will be varied depending on the signal strength, antennas and location.
Good cooling system with Heat sink and 3 big on top fans + 2 x small inside, low noise
Each frequency band is separate and with adjustable power from Max to OFF(0)
100% Safe VSWR over protection (Isolator) for each modular
Power supply: AC110 or 220-240V /DC 27V
Working time: Without the time limit, may continue to work,
Antennas Omni 500mm long
Dimension: 550 x 190 x 60mm
Weight 10Kg

Package contents:
1pc Desktop Jammer
1pc AC 110 or 220V DC 27V 20A power supplier
6pcs Antennas Omni 500mm long
1pc Wireless RC OFF/ON

Additional antenna options:
Directional External Patch Panel Antennas
Omni car magnetic antenna bases

Power source additional order options:
- B-20AH Battery LiFePO4 DC24V/20AH in portable case with LCD status and ON/OFF Switch
Working time 1 hour, charging time is 2-3 hours from 0 to full.
Battery case 40x19x10cm 7.8kg, Charger is 1.5kg
- DC 12V to AC 220V inverter 2000W, to use normal car battery DC 12/80-100AH

1 Year warranty, Neutral packing, OEM Manufacturer :