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Degradable Pulp Molding Production Lines

Degradable Pulp Molding Production Lines

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HTM-3500 Pulp Molding Equipment ( Machine )

HTM-3500 automatic pulp tableware production line was independently developed by our company and obtained national invention patent.

The body of HTM-3500 pulp molding equipment is finished by the manganese steel plate after welding by the quenching process of the whole machine body, which improves the reliability of the whole machine body.

HTM-3500 motor, PLC and control parts are respectively used by Mitsubishi of Japan. The cylinders, solenoid valves and angle seat valves adopt German Festo. The whole machine configuration adopts the world first-line brand, which greatly improves the stability and practicability of the whole machine.

The HTM-3500 has its own production capacity, small footprint, high degree of automation and low energy consumption. Calculated with a 10-inch disc and a single 20 grams, the daily output is as high as 3.5 tons. The total power is 360KW, and the main unit consumes 2000 kWh of electricity per ton, covering an area of 8.5M*6.5M. The annual output of a single machine is as high as 1000 tons.