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Brewery Residues Dewatering and Drying Equipment

Brewery Residues Dewatering and Drying Equipment

ZJN Environmental Protection Equipment Technology Co., Ltd


Uploaded on 2 months ago

"ZJN drying equipment use hot air, triple stage and multi-loop drying process. It can dry above 80% water content beer dregs to below 15% moisture DDGS.

In structure, there is a rotary harrow in first stage,which to break the sticky beer residues into small sizes and spread into drying room. Contacting with hot air directly, the sticky beer lees water content will be reduced instantly, the viscousity will be reduced soon. With the function multiple loop lifting boards and rotary cylinder, the beer dregs will form a thin material curtain, which increase the drying speed. In each drying stage, the hot air temperature and volume is different, the lifting and guiding boards are also different. It makes sure the dregs will be always dry under suitable drying environment. Thus the drying efficiency greatly improved and the heating is fully used and energy is saved. The whole process is work under negative pressure, uses three level mutiple sealing technology, it is very safe and clean.

This dryer can also be used for alchohol dregs drying, wine lees drying, brewing sewage drying etc.