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Vibrating knife cutting machine

Vibrating knife cutting machine

Changsha aibang numerical control technology co. LTD


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Aibang series CNC cutting machine performance compared with the original style has a qualitative leap, not only in the processing speed, processing accuracy and convenient operation on a great improvement, but also on the appearance of more technology sense.Aibang series cutting machine set proofing and drawing and other functions in one, adhering to the equipment stability, high speed, high precision characteristics.Is suitable for packaging enterprise, corrugated cardboard-box factory, color box, color, cutting die factory, car interior CheMo companies such as proofing and production requirements, can be cutting corrugated paper, cardboard, foam board, plastic board, thin board, leather, cloth, red vulcanized paper fiber paper PET PE material such as PP film, packaging, advertising, printing, die cutter, electronics, washer, automobile interior trim CheMo, advertisement signs, etc.Equipment can be customized according to customer needs.