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livestock manure solid liquid seprator means to separate the liquid from poultry excrement through screw pressing,and separate the solid organic fertilizer and liquid organic fertilizer.
After separation,the solid moisture content is low,so it can transported in bags.It can be made the organic fertilizer that can be used in the field or in the remote areas where fertilizer is needed to improve the soil environment.It also can be used as good manure for planting,and as good fodder for chicken,duck and

The new model of the motor is located inside the fuselage,reduced occupancy.At the same time,it avoids the water into the motor and protects the motor.Small scale users can feed directly without using the pump,reducing the footprint of the septic tank and reduce the cost..Compared with the old model,the efficiency and the processing effect of the new model are improved obviously.

Work functional picture

After separation,the liquid will into the round sieve,and it will do further solid- liquid separation,then it enters the sewage treatment pipe network.It also can be used to convert anaerobic treatment into fuel energy.At the same time,it solves the problem of short service life due to the blockage of solid residue in the biogas pool.