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Unmanned cleaning equipment scrubber machine

Unmanned cleaning equipment scrubber machine

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Uploaded on 4 months ago

Video is taken at Airport Melbourne, Australia.
ECOBOT has a very successful experience in the Asian-Pacific region as well as Middle-East, North America and some countries in Europe, and now is becoming the leading brand in this industry,so far over hundred users are using our robot to deliver unmanned cleaning service in their airport, shopping mall,office building,subway station,manufacturing plant etc,and many international client and professional cleaning contractor such as Changi Airport Group(in Singapore), Westfiled group(in Australia), Swire(in Hong Kong), SAIC-Volkswagen(in China), INTEL(in China), LOTTE(in Korea),Sheraton Hotel(in Qatar),BOSCH(in Singapore), United Service(in Canada) are choosing ECOBOT, many famous clients have a strong interest in our product especially some of them are MNC across the continents.