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Hydraulic Hollow Cylinder Jack YCW-B Series

Hydraulic Hollow Cylinder Jack YCW-B Series

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YCW-B Series Jacks are light core-through jacks with multifunction, which fit for various anchorages(group anchor) in prestressing tension operation. The device can be utilized widely in post-tensioning operation for immense constructions,prestressed concrete bridges,ground anchorage,marine constructions,foundation anchorage, etc.
YCW-B Series Jacks are advanced devices based on their former structures of YCW,redesigned with high-strength steel, advanced structures, sealing function,optimization technology. This new type features tight structure, lightened weight, short axial length, strands saving by short reserved length in prestressing strand anchorage. The result of test shows its perfect performance, durability,flexibility of lifting, convenience of using and repairing.
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