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High Wear Twin Plastic Extruder Elements

High Wear Twin Plastic Extruder Elements

Joiner Machinery Co.,ltd


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We are Dujiangyan Joiner, one of the largest twin screw extruder parts manufacturers in China. Both the quality and price of our products are very good.
    We usually use Single Flight Shovel Elements for plastic twin screw extruder,the modular design of the extruder screw assembly provides options for a wide selection of screw elements, for configuration in the'intake zone'.The popular elements are Single Flight Shovel Elements.

     Joiner's Shovel elements are spaecially designed for starve-fed and feed limited applications.Their supreme conveying efficiency makes them a preferred choice.Beside,they have the ability to handle materials that tend to get fluidized during flow.

    We have made a lot of  Single Flight Shovel Elements for oversea customer,so we are confident to become your excellent supplier.

   We only use raw material from well selected suppliers,and strictly follow 9001 management system,we have our own heat treatment process,every finished product is inspected before it leaves the factory.

Co-rotating twin screw elements for 
-APV            -KOBE            -OMC
-Buhler        -KraussMaffei        -Theysohn
-Buss          -Berstorff-          -Toshiba
-Clextral       -Labtech          -USEON
-Coperion     -Lantai          - others
-JSW          -Leistritz    
-Keya        -Maris

Types of the Screw Segments
* Convey Screw Segment
* Mixing Screw Segment
* Kneading Block & Disk
* Transition Screw Element
* Deep groove transfer element
* Screw element for side feeder
* 1-flighted,2-flighted,3-flighted screw elements

We offer a broader choice of materials:
For wear application:
* Tool Steel : W6Mo5Cr4V2;
* PM-HIP material : SAM10,SAM26,SAM39,CPM10V,CPM9V
For corrision application:
* Nitrided Steel: 38CrMoAI;
* PM-HIP material : SAM26,SAM39,CPM10V,CPM9V
For wear and corrision application:
* PM-HIP material:SAM26,SAM39,CPM10V,CPM9V
Other materials:
Stainless Steel: 316L,C276 etc.
By working closely with customers in choosing optional materials,we can minimize wear and tear and associated costs.