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Coperion CTE 75 extruder parts twin screw barrel

Coperion CTE 75 extruder parts twin screw barrel

Joiner Machinery Co.,ltd


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We manufacture barrels for co-rotating twin screw extruders ranging from 12 mm to 350 mm and over. Our manufacturing specializes in barrels for twin screw extruders and is optimized for flexible order handling.

Types of  Barrels
Standard for classification: Design geometry         Standard for classification: With inner or not
Feeding barrel                                                                Solid barrel
Closed barrel                                                                 
Barrels with inners
Vent barrel
Combi barrel
Extended degassing barrel
Combi barrel with backward venting

We offer a broader choice of materials:
Solid barrels
Nitrided steel barrels            Tooling steel barrels        Bimetallic 
Barrel with installed inner
made of PM-HIP solid          WR13     
By working closely with customers in choosing optional materials,we can minimize wear and tear and associated costs.