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industrial robot

industrial robot

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Industrial robot RH1410 span is 1440mm 10kg Payload. It can be installed on the ground or upside down flexibly
With large working space and fast running speed, our industrial robots are ideal for welding, spraying, machine tool loading and unloading, handling, sorting, assembling and other applications
The safety emergency stop board is independent of the controller, the safety relay circuit is adapted to provide a double circuit emergency stop to ensure the reliability of emergency stop.
Programmable robot body cables are made of special cables for flexible robots
Built-in three-phase transformer, 380V and 200V isolation, more stable power supply. Power supply requirements can be customized for different countries. The built-in three-phase filter can effectively improve the performance of EMC and EMI
The robot body is with dual-circuit gas pipe and meets the welding and handling requirements
The inner diameter of the 6-axis middle hole is 46mm, which can meet the installation requirements of the water-cooled gun and bellows gun
It's with highly flexible built-in welding cable
6+2 Axis (Standard 6 Axis, External Axis Optional)
Support External PLC
Built-in PLC, power off regeneration, encoder interface (support synchronous belt), arc tracking and accessories (selection), visual software (selection), laser tracking software (selection), arc tracking software (selection), etc.