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HDP501 High Temperature Pressure Transmitter

HDP501 High Temperature Pressure Transmitter

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HDP501 series High Temperature Pressure Transmitter adopts imported thermo stability sensing element, make the transmitter work stability under 300C. And it welds with cool lasing technology, there are cooling ribs between the pressure sensor chips and amplifier electrical circuit, it avoids the heat conduction efficiently.
pressure sensitive core adopts high performance silicon piezoresistive pressure filling core. The internal ASIC converts the sensor millivolt signal into standard voltage, current or frequency signal, which can be directly connected with computer interface card, control instrument, intelligent instrument or PLC. Current output mode can be used for distance transmission. It has small volume, light weight, all stainless steel sealing structure and can work in corrosive environment. The product is easy to install and has high anti-vibration and anti-impact performance. It is widely used in process control, aviation, aerospace, automobile, medical equipment, HVAC and other fields.