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Roller shackle pulley

Roller shackle pulley

Qingdao Riggingman Industry Co.,Ltd


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RIGGINGMAN HARDWARE FACTORY is one of the leading rigging hardware supplier. We are full service manufacturer of metal parts, capabilities and services include short run to high volume metal stamping, drop-forging, cast and machined marine parts,lifting components,precision machined auto parts, and many other processes used in the manufacturing of metallic parts, which including rigging hardware, marine hardware, turnbuckle, shackle, wire rope clips, load binder, eye bolt and nuts , thimble, hook, quick link, block, anchor, wire rope, chain accessories, ect. Our export markets covere European, North America , Australia , New Zealand ,ect.

We are ISO9001 quality certified factory.We utilize technologies and processes to manufacture OEM/ODM components. We do always guarantee our customers quality products, competitive pricing, and on time delivery.