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dragon fish lantern

dragon fish lantern

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The lanterns originated in the Han Dynasty and flourished in the Tang Dynasty. The production of Chinese lanterns in the past is very particular and has a wide variety. For example, the Ming Dynasty painter Tang Yin has a poem: "There is no light, no moon, no entertainment, there is no light in the moon, no spring, spring is the human heart, the light is burning, the moon is like silver, the street is full of pearls, and the woman is boiled." The god of the agency, I can't smile because of Fang's, how to get rid of this good."

In ancient China, there was this custom in Yuanxiao, and every household had lanterns. There is a riddle above the lantern. People who guess the riddle are generally rewarded. The ancient lanterns are made of bamboo rafts and made of lantern-shaped skeletons. The outside is made of translucent paper, and the candles are placed inside. If you want to have a variety of colors, use translucent paper of various colors. Modern lanterns or lanterns are also the same as the ancient lanterns, but with modern materials and techniques. The original bamboo raft skeleton was replaced by wire welding into a desired shape. The outer cloth paper replaced the original translucent paper. Replace the original candle light with LED cold light source.

Modern lanterns have the following advantages over the original lantern process:

1. Due to the skeleton made of wire, the wire can be bent to any shape. So the shape can be ever-changing, and in theory any shape can be made. The service life can last up to several years (but the outside cloth can only be used for half a year outdoors)
2. The cloth made of cloth can be painted on the fabric. The color can be very delicate and realistic. Compared with the paper, the service life is longer. The indoor use can be used for three years.
3. Because there is no open flame, it is safer to use. And because of the development of LED light technology, the color of the light can be changed infinitely.
4. There is no size limitation, and theoretically it can be shaped in any size.
5. Combined with LED light carving technology, the landscape effect is infinitely extended.

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