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Holiday & Christmas Light Displays

Holiday & Christmas Light Displays

Dongguan Huayicai Landscape Technology Co., Ltd.


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Digital LED strip lights (sometimes called pixel LED tape, chasing leds, addressable leds, programmable LED strips and a variety of other names) look very similar to our range of traditional RGB LED tapes. They're flexible pcbs that are mounted with rows of full-colour leds. But by passing control data through a Serial Peripheral (SPI) Interface, digital leds offer an infinite range of fresh lighting possibilities.

We supplied LED strips with a fully-compatible receiver / RF remote control package that offers over 80 pre-programmed lighting modes - including:

Single-colour or multicolour chases

Flash effects

Light curtains

Gradual fades

By replacing our basic receiver / remote package with more complex controls, you can even program your own effects, we set all perfect on these LED light strips, and you just need a simple action, plug and play, that's it and enjoy your christmas light show or other festival light show.

The following applications for our LED strips:

Christmas light show

Christmas lights

Outdoor christmas decorations

Outdoor christmas lights

Net lights

Outdoor christmas

Christmas net lights

Holiday lights

Christmas window lights

Christmas lights clearance

Icicle christmas lights

C9 christmas lights

Festival of lights

Outdoor xmas decorations

Battery operated christmas lights

White christmas lights

Christmas string lights

Christmas light projector

Outdoor christmas tree lights

Led decorative lights

C9 led christmas lights

Outdoor christmas yard decorations

Multicolor christmas lights

Twinkling christmas lights

Outside christmas decorations

Icicle lights