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SUNTY-ECO Introduction

SUNTY-ECO Introduction



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Welcome to Qingdao sunty-eco industry and trade co. ltd.
One of the pioneering companies engaged in environmental technology development and manufacturing of solar thermal products and services.
We provide solar energy products including solar thermal products like solar water heater, solar water tank and vacuum tube. Furthermore, there are also solar PV application products such as solar panel, solar street light, solar lantern etc. Auto-dishwashers are our new products. SaltX is a technology from Sweden, which is a worldwide patented ground-breaking nano-technology, storing energy in salt for an unlimited amount of time to provide heating and cooling.
At the same time we are professional to give clients technical advices regarding solar project design. Let the sun pay your electricity bill, we create value for your business.
This is an industrial and trading (both import and export) integrated enterprise. We make sure to satisfy the customers' requirement to attain growth.
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