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commercial waterless aroma diffuser

commercial waterless aroma diffuser

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Automatic aroma diffuser machine, intellegent, convenient, time-saving and oil-saving!!!

The OGGNE brand air scenting machine, aroma diffuser has the function of working time programming. Once the machine is set, it will work and pause automatically as programmed. There are 9 options you can set,see as follows,

9 level of working time setting:
Level 1: work 10s/Pause 300s;
Level 2: work 30s/Pause 280s;
Level 3: work 60s/Pause 250s;
Level 4: work 90s/Pause 220s;
Level 5: work 150s/Pause 160s;
Level 6: work 220s/Pause 90s;
Level 7: work 250s/Pause 60s;
Level 8: work 280s/Pause 30s;
Level 9: work 300s/Pause 10s;

Also, you can decide what time the machine works during a day. For example, on Monday, you can set it work from 8a.m-12p.m in the morning, 2p.m-6p.m in the afternoon, then the other time in Monday will be rest. Tuesday,Wednsday,Thursday,Friday... will work the same as Monday if you don't particularly set it. In other words, If you don't want a day work as Monday, just set that day specially. Just set it once, then leave it alone, it will continually work until the oil bottle is empty, no need to check it from time to time!