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plastic net tube extruder from Dingyuan machinery

plastic net tube extruder from Dingyuan machinery

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Dingyuan Company is professional manufacturer of Plastic net Machinery, have top technology in China and own many patents in this fields, our diamond mesh machine and square mesh machine is very popular home and abroad.
Plastic net tube machine is based on HDPE, PP as the main raw material, through the extrusion, matching the special mould forming a square hole wall of plastic pipe. Its products are mainly used in the filter core, garden, gardening, such as the field of ground water seepage.

plastic mesh tubing is widely use for material separation, structural support, containment and many other uses. The extruded tubes are made from PP or PE materials and come in many different diameters, lengths, apertures and strengths to suit any application. Extruded tubes are available in diameters up to 4.25 inches and offer a consistent, cylindrical shape. Also in application the tube can add multiple layers of fine mesh netting or non-woven material to create additional utility

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