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UV printer for bottle images printing

UV printer for bottle images printing

Hanhuang(Guangzhou)Image Technology Co.,Ltd


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Start your business with Hanhuang UV Printer.
1, Print ink cost for 1 pcs photo cases:USD0.025/PC
2,Selling printed phone case:around USD12.00/PC
3,If 1000pcs printed, you can get over USD10000 profits. So printer machine cost will be free.(printer machine cost around 3000-6000$/set)
4,This UV printer can print on other material of plastic, metal, leather,glass.
5,Mostly of the UV printer used for printing personalized images on the mobile phone case,USB disk, indoor or outdoor advertisment PVC signs, acrylic display stand,silicone pad for cup,golf ball, bottle,glass or other crafts etc.