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precision casting 90 degree joint

precision casting 90 degree joint

Dongying vast precision casting co.,ltd


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Dongying vast precision casting Co., Ltd specialized in casting processing with various surface treatment. We produce marine supply, glass hardware, machined parts, mechanical products, pumps, valves and other customized casting part. Casting materials mainly include stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel. Just send us your CAD or 3D drawing to get the one-stop tailor made service.
Architectural hardware: glass fitting, glass hardware, staircase, handrail, glass fence, pool fence, railing, glass railing, balcony railing, balustrade, glass spigot, glass clamp, glass standoff, glass spider, pipe fitting, hinge, etc.
Marine hardware: marine supply, marine hardware, marine accessory, boat accessories, boat accessory, marine accessories, marine fittings, includes anchor, cleat, bollard, drinking cup holder, fishing rod holder, hinge, base, hasp, lift handle, lock, ladder, fuel filler, air vent, deck plate, drain cover, row lock, etc.
Investment casting: casting, castings, casting part, casting parts, sand casting, aluminium casting, steel casting, precision casting, carbon steel casting, lost wax casting, stainless steel casting, etc. Like wall mount bottle opener, and other kitchen tool.