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26GHz Intelligent radar level transmitter

26GHz Intelligent radar level transmitter

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26GHz Intelligent Radar Level Transmitter
Product Description
DCRD1000A Series Radar Level Transmitter is high-frequency level measuring instruments with the maximum measuring distance up to 70 meters. The antenna is further optimized, and the new-type microprocessor can perform higher rate of signal analysis and processing, making the instrument available for complex measurement conditions, such as reactors, solid silos.

Working Principle
Radar level antenna emits narrow microwave pulses that transmitted down by the antenna. The microwave comes into contact with the measured medium surface then reflected back and receiving by the antenna system. The signal is transmitted to electronic circuit and partly convert to level signals (as the microwave featured with high propagation speed, it's almost instantaneous for the electromagnetic waves to reach the target and return to the receiver)