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Air-cooled Fast Belt Joint Machine

Air-cooled Fast Belt Joint Machine

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Portable Air-cooled Fast Belt Joint Machine

1:HZ hot-pressing connector is easy to use and has a short cycle time. The collective tool of this air-cooled hot-pressing vulcanization connector integrates all components, and can be used by power users without cooling by water pump.


2. High efficiency and fast stitching

The equipment can be used for vulcanization connection after removal from the air suitcase. No external paving system such as water tank and water pump is needed. All functional systems are integrated in the machine. The air cooling system of the hot press vulcanization connector can ensure that the conveyor belt can be cooled rapidly, thus improving the quality and speed of the splicing conveyor belt. For conveyor belts of most materials, the whole operation is completed in 7-12 minutes to minimize the downtime of conveyor belts.

3; HZ specification

There are five types of HZ hot-pressing connectors with widths ranging from 300 MM (24") to 1500 MM (60"). The equipment can be operated at the most commonly used voltage.

HZ hot-pressing connector can be used to connect all kinds of light conveyor belts of PVC PU TPU PE with a width ranging from 10 to 1524 (1/2-60").