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Belt steel buckler roller-type buckler FLEXCO

Belt steel buckler roller-type buckler FLEXCO

Xijiang Transmission System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Uploaded on 6 months ago

Product Name: Light conveyor belt fastener

Product Function: Lightweight Conveyor Belt Connecting Buckle Binding

Scope of application: light steel wire buckle, wolf tooth buckle, full specification binding

Product Weight: 48"Net Weight 22KG

Product Description: The light conveyor belt fastener developed by our company has the characteristics of easy use, reliable binding and strong versatility. When binding, the operator only needs to read the operation instructions. In a short time, he can master the method and be familiar with the binding of buttons. It reduces the dependence on high-tech operation. The belt bound by the fastener has neat interface, good flatness and convenient docking. Moreover, the binding time is short, which reduces the downtime and maintenance time on site.

Description of the unique features of the product:

1. When installing the template, the worker only needs to rotate and twist manually. It can simply replace or install the template without any additional tools. It reduces tool dependence and improves efficiency. Simplify the operation site.

2. Product components contain up to seven template placement slots. When workers face different buttons, they can simply extract suitable template from the machine to replace, making full use of space and simplifying the operation site.

3. The unique combination of linear guide rail and wear-resistant nylon constitutes a more stable and smooth guidance system, which makes the movement of the nose very smooth and reduces the sway of the nose after being subjected to force. It provides more support for product reliability.

4. Inside the product, a snap that can be installed with the installation pin is added, so that workers can put the non-current installation pin in the snap. It is convenient for the site and eliminates the placement problem of the installation pin.

5. Special lifting software is added to both sides of the machine to improve the overall comfort and stability.

6. The top and bottom rollers made of special materials completely guarantee the smoothness of the buttoning.

8. Loose and clear adjusting device, more clear in use