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Rack shelf roll forming machine

Rack shelf roll forming machine

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Rack roll forming machine
Equipment for production all kinds of storage rack shelf.
Different types of rack shelves have different characteristics, a good shelves have the characteristics of perfect assembly, large carrying capacity and strong stability. The shelf material is made of cold roll steel. The gallery-style shelves are designed to store a large number of similar pallet goods, also called channelless shelves. Pallet shelves are commonly used in places where storage space is expensive, such as frozen warehouses. Suitable for storing large quantities, small variety of goods, batch operations. The smallest amount of space is available to provide maximum storage. It is suitable for large-volume, low-volume cargo storage operations. The forklift can directly enter the cargo lane to access the cargo, which is extremely convenient. Storage rack shelf made by roll forming process is high efficiency production rate and safety operation.
Galvanized steel rack shelf roll forming machine design for producing storage rack, warehouse shelves stud, upright post & Supermarket storage rack upright shelf frame profile machinery