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Car mate Folding Electric Bicycle

Car mate Folding Electric Bicycle



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Power performance
Product model : Mini
Speed : About 25km/h
Power : 350W
Max. load : About 120kg
Motor controlling method : Sine wave vector control
Terrain applied to : hardened surface; flat soil surface; slope gradient lower than 18 degrees; step lower than 8cm; ditch narrower than 8cm
Waterproof grade : IP76 (available in rain)
Energy system
Battery type : 30 groups of 18650 lithium battery units
Riding range : about 25km
Maximum endurance : about 25km
Charging period : about 3.5 hours
Brake and shock absorbing
Brake type : disc brake + electronic brake
Shock absorbing mechanism : High elasticity magnesium alloy shock absorber body + shock absorption cushion
Frame material
Material : aircraft grade aluminum alloy body
Tire : 14 inch pneumatic tire
Wheel hub : 12 inch integrated aluminum alloy light wheel hub
Cushion : Comfortable high softness airbag cushion
Lighting system
Front light : Ambient brightness sensing LED front light
Rear light : Self-sensing LED rear light
Electric quantity : Electric quantity indicator light
Speed : speed meter
Requirements for riding
Age : 12-50 years old
Stature : 120-200cm
Bearing load : 20-120kg