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Chunfeng Cast Iron Radiators

Uploaded on 8 months ago

Jizhou Chunfeng Import & Export Co., Ltd is the Evolution and Development of the International Department of Jizhou Chunfeng Industrial Group. And Jizhou Chunfeng Import & Export Co., Ltd established in 1985, become the Designated Enterprise which is charge of all of the import & export trade of Jizhou Chunfeng Industrial Group. Jizhou Chunfeng Industrial Group mainly includes four lines: Heating, Foundry, Rubber, and Chemical. Its products include more than ten series hundred specifications of cast iron radiators, steel radiators and copper-aluminum radiators and so on; mainly cover printing rubber rollers, industrial rollers, and office apparatus rollers and with more than thousand sizes; mainly include gas water heater, wall-hang boiler and various grey & ductile castings. Also we can explore and design the new products by the request of the customers.
Our cast iron radiators are exported to abroad since 1985, the markets cover dozens of countries and regions like USA, UK, Italy, Russia, Korea, Japan, Algeria, Ukraine, Tunis, Syria and so on. And our cast iron radiators account for 80% of the total export amount of China in this line.