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ultrasonic sewing machine for CAR COVERS

ultrasonic sewing machine for CAR COVERS



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Embossing roller of this ultrasonic lace sewing machine is made in special steel and dealt by special heat treatment;high wear resistance,long service life,etc.

The machine can work continuously without heating,high capacity,without smoke or fire,no harm to the raw material.

ultrasonic sewing machine Functional description:
1.Processing with ultrasonic and special steel wheel, without damaging fabric edge or producing burrs;
2.Easy replacement of pattern wheel with pattern depending on customer needs;
3.Manufacturing without preheating, capable of continuous operation;
4.Sewing: Various fabrics can be sewed up directly for waterproofing with ultrasonic without needle and thread;
5.Lace: Various leathers/fabrics can be pressed into any pattern with ultrasonic without burr.
6.Gold stamping: Fast and effective gold stamping can be given to various leathers/fabrics with ultrasonic;
7.Bound edge: Bound edge treatment can be given to various leathers/fabrics with ultrasonic.

ultrasonic sewing machine Features and functions:
1.Imported piezoelectric chip, with strong and stable output;
2.Pattern wheel made of special alloy steel, wear-resistant and long-lived welding head;
3.Removable lace mold, eccentric adjustment, high flexibility and speed, high horizontality;
4.Fast operating speed, excellent effects and quality guarantee;
5.Assembled from full set of imported components, offering stable performance.