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Auto Bouffant Cap Machine

Auto Bouffant Cap Machine



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Bouffant Cap Machine

Professional Nonwoven Products Machinery Manufacturer

Dongguan City South Nekon Machinery Co., LTD was founded in 1997, located in the beautiful Shipai Town of Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. South Nekon is a high technical private enterprise owing independent import-export operation rights. Since the establishment, the company has been devoted to optimization and integration of developing, producing, selling, and application of technology of ultrasonic machinery (Ultrasonic rhinestone fixing machine, face mask making machine, ultrasonic ribbon cutting machine, ultrasonic lace sewing machine, ultrasonic plastic welding machines, high frequency fusing machine).

Technical Parameter

Model: NK-GW3320

Dimension: 3500*1000*1350mm

Voltage: 380V 50HZ

Output: 50-70pcs/min
Power: 4500W
Air Pressure: 4-6kg/cm2

Description of Bouffant Cap Machine

Special design machine for non-woven nurse caps; productivity can reach 50~70 PCS/Min; products suitable for dust-free working environment such as hospitals and so on; fully auto from material feeding to finished products.

Features and Function of Bouffant Cap Machine

Compact design and space saving; stable and reliable performance; aluminum alloy structure, beautiful appearance, strong and rust-proof; auto tension control; adjustable ultrasonic welding; save labor costs and with high productivity.