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servo plastic hot plate welder for car accessories

servo plastic hot plate welder for car accessories



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Rated voltage: 380V
Rated current: 35A
Rated power: 21.5KW
Overall dimension :1960X1690X2400mm
Power: about 15KW
Power supply: AC380V
Total weight: about 2500KG
Source: 0.5 ~ 0.7 MPa
Tempo: about 30S (excluding the time of taking and putting parts)

2019 new servo hot plate welding machine is specially customized for Toplink, which is used for welding medical equipment.This model has high precision requirements, and is customized in strict accordance with the customer's IOQE acceptance standard, paying attention to every detail. The equipment lasted 3 months from development to production and shipment, and has been normally delivered for use.Now we are selling this kind of product, and the performance and configuration of the equipment are briefly introduced as follows:

1.temperature control
Using the temperature controller,K thermocouple detection, temperature difference is set within 3 degrees, beyond the temperature range of automatic adjustment equipment

The bottom mold is processed by CNC with high-quality imported aluminum materials. Hot plate molds contact with painted iron fron. The upper and lower hot molds are distributed with 10 heating pipes to ensure even heating of the welding drawings.Within 5 degrees of the actual temperature control, the startup temperature opening time is less than 0.5 hours

3.driving system
The hot plate mould moving mechanism is driven by servo motor with ,ball screw and linear guide rail. equipment
The equipment has dual protection function to ensure the safety of operators