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nylon 6

nylon 6

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Nylon 6 fiber

The most outstanding advantage of polyamide fiber is that its wear resistance is superior to other fibers, followed by its good elasticity, its elastic recovery rate is comparable to that of wool, and its light weight, specific gravity is 1.14.

In the commercial synthetic fiber, It is second only to polypropylene (polypropylene, specific gravity less than 1), and lighter than polyester fiber (specific gravity 1.38), so polyamide fiber can be processed into fine and soft and smooth silk for weaving to make beautiful and durable fabric, and It has the same corrosion resistance as polyester fiber, is not afraid of insects, and is not afraid of mold.

We produce below specification for nylon fiber:

Product Type:100% virgin Nylon 6 fiber
Cutting Length:38mm-120mm
Color: white or black etc.
Feature:Eco-Friendly, wear resistance