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Automatic Wine Box Forming Machine TG-WB25Z

Automatic Wine Box Forming Machine TG-WB25Z

Sinotecho (Wuhan) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.


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Product Introduction:
Wine box forming Machine is used to produce high-end wine box. This machine can be applied to kinds of package areas, such as gift package, electronics package, shoe box package, cosmetics box package, tea box package and so on. This device is uniquely designed with reliable performance. It uses PLC control system and Man-Machine interface touch screen, to perfectly realize fully automated and intelligent production.

This machine is equipped with automatic gluing system,automatic drying system,automatic forming system which can effectively replace manual production to greatly improve the production efficiency. Meanwhile, compared to traditional crafts, this machine can also reduce the material consumption with beautiful design and strong stability. It brings you the high quality professional production while using the easiest operation and minimum raw materials.

-Equipped with the CCD two camera tracing system, which can be applied to producing a wide range types of boxes .
- High positioning accuracy, setting accuracy ±0.01mm
- Set up the parameters through the touch screen
- Debug the machine just using a short period of time
- Quickly to setup the rules to produce box with different size.