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Automatic Cigarette Box Making Machine TG-CA45P

Automatic Cigarette Box Making Machine TG-CA45P

Sinotecho (Wuhan) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.


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Product Introduction:
The fully automatic cigarette box making machine TG-CA45P was entirely independently developed by Sinotech, tailored for the package about high-end cigarette box. It is intelligent, energy saving, green and environmentally protective. What's more, the human machine interface is quite friendly, easy to use, which can perfectly realize the cigarette box production process.

This cigarette box forming machine presents the process flows of making box by handwork. It works with multi-station rotaries, feeds the paper automatically, diagnoses online, alarms automatically while it is in malfunction, works with high efficiency and is easy to operate. This machine can intelligently adjust the parameters, automatically glue, save glue use by using gravure roller. It is consist of several separate unit, which can save area. What's more, it has the features of fast and flexible die change and a wide range of box sizes.

1.Highly intelligent
- Intelligent diagnose, automatic reset
- Intelligent adjusting, fast production
- Automatic gluing, partial gluing with gravure roller
- Automatic alarm, circular feeding paper
2.Integrated process design:
- It presents the process flows of making box by handwork with higher precision for box production.
- The mechanical action is simple and stable with high production efficiency.
3.Green and energy saving:
- Cut down the ineffective time with multi-station rotaries design
- Save area due to the split structure design
- Save glue use up to 40% by using gravure roller.
4.Easy and convenient to operate:
- Flexible die change, time and energy saving
- Convenience for operation