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Automatic Rigid box positioning machine TG-PM120H

Automatic Rigid box positioning machine TG-PM120H

Sinotecho (Wuhan) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.


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Product Introduction:
Rigid box positioning machine TG-PM120H is developed by Sinotecho. It adopts CCD+and robot arm, positions the rigid box by the camera tracing system. It is suitable for the production of the high-end rigid boxes which need gluing, such as gift box, moon-cake box, cellphone box, shoe box, jewel box, cosmetics box, tea box, cigarette and wine packing box, medicine packing box and so on.

1.Automatically alarm while in malfunction, automatically diagnose, automatically recognize targets, automatically position
2.Modular design, which can be suitable for kinds of production line.
3.HD industrial camera, the positioning accuracy ±0.1mm
4.Easy to operate, fast to configure the parameters for producing different size boxes.
5.Human Machine interaction interface and unattended operation.